Muzaffar Ali


Feature Films

1978… GAMAN - Muzaffar Ali's 1st feature film on the problem of migration from a rural milieu to an urban metropolis won Silver Peacock Award at the 7th International Film Festival, New Delhi, Filmfare Award for Best Director at the National Film Festival with a Special Commendation of the Jury. It was shown at Mannheim Film Festival, Germany and Indian Panorama, International Film Festival, New Delhi

1981… UMRAO JAAN - is a bio-epic on the life of a 19th century courtesan of Lucknow.It won the Filmfare Award for Best Director, Best Music, Best Playback Singer and Best Actress. It won Best Music, Best Actress and Best Art Direction Awards at the National Film Festival, New Delhi. It also received West Bengal Film Journalists Association Award for Best Director. It was shown at Moscow, Locarno, Pompidou Film Festivals amongst several others.

1983… AAGAMAN -treated the subject of the struggle of sugar cane farmers to establish their cooperative mill with great sensitivity.

1986… ANJUMAN, a sensitive story on the exploitation of Chikan embroidery women of Lucknow was shown at Cairo, Vancouver, Tehran and Mauritius Film Festivals

1989… ZOONI, under production, is based on the 16th century legendary peasant poetess queen of Kashmir.

2014...JAANISAAR, an epic set in Lucknow in North of India two decades after the first war of Indian independence in 1876, is a passionate love story of an Anglicized Raja Ameer Haider and Noor, the fiery courtesan whose love for freedom is stoked and sustained by the underground revolutionaries.

Short Films

1982…Vasiquedars, Pensioners of Awadh

1983…Venue India

1983…Woodcraft of Saharanpur

1984…Laila Majnu ki nai Nautanki

1984…Vadakath, a Thervad in Kerala

1984…Kue Yaar Main

1985…Vapas Chalo

1985…Sheeshon ka Masiha

1985…Aya Basant Sakhi

1985…Kali Mohini

1985…Semal ka Darakth

1998…Fragrance of Love



2003…Flying Paper Planes UNESCO

2006…Bharat ka lal, Lal Bahadur Shastri


1987… Jaan e Alam… 13 parts

1993… Husn e Jaana …27 parts

2006… Zabaan e Ishq … 14 parts

Spiritual films

1991… Seena Ba Seena

1995… Paigham e Mohabbat 1 & 2

1996… Paigham e Mohabbat 3 & 4

1998… Nisbat

1999… Raqs e Dil, the Dance within

2001… Rumi in the land of Khusrau

2002… India, the Garden of Saints

2005… Breathe into me